Jewish Film Presenters Network Conference 2019 – Schedule


*Schedule subject to change

Day 1- Tue, June 11

9:30am – Registration Opens  @ L2 auditorium 

10am – Introduction @ L2 auditorium

Who is in the room? What is on the agenda? What are your most creative programs?

All this in a minute or less per person!

Speaker: Isaac Zablocki (Director of Film Programs, JCC Manhattan)

11:30am – Programming – Interactive Session  @ L2 auditorium

What are the hottest new trends and titles coming our way? How can we deepen our talkbacks? How can we work with diverse formats such as TV and Short films? And what about classic and retrospectives? Filmmaker guests and speakers.

Speakers: Ariana Cohen-Halberstam 

12:30pm – Lunch and $ Conversation  @ 7th floor Beit Midrash 

Munch and talk about our budgets, screening fees and how we can share costs.

Sit in groups by festival size. 

Speaker: Isaac Zablocki (Director of Film Programs, JCC Manhattan)

*For Festivals Only

2pm – Future of Film @ L2 Auditorium

Take a look into trends and alternative directions that the film industry is taking. AARP will present their study of Boomers viewing preferences. Picture Motion  develops and implement effective impact campaigns and Eclair is revolutionizing how films are brought to the theater.     

AARP Study: What Boomers Want?

Speakers: Featuring Barry Rebo (EclairPlay), Wendy Cohen (President, Picture Motion), Vicki Levy (Research Advisor, AARP)

3:15 pm – Marketing – Break Out Session

Want to reach new Audiences? Further your own reach? Choose a session:

  • New Audiences @ L2 Auditorium

Speaker: Katherine Price-Crosby (Atlanta)

  • Social Media+Young Adults @ L1 Older Adult Center

Speaker: Olivia Antsis (Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival)  

  • Partnerships @ L2 Teen Center

Speaker: Cindy Stern (Chicago Israeli Film Festival)  

4:30pm – International Festivals @ L2 Auditorium

Get some perspective from a panel of diverse festivals working in other fields of the film world. From other nich festivals to mainstream festivals of all sizes.

Speakers: Nina Guralnick (Executive Director, NY International Children’s Film Festival), Raphaela Neihausen (Founder and Executive Director, DOC NYC), Ingrid Jean-Baptiste (Founder and CEO, Chelsea Film Festival) , Lesli Klainberg (Film at Lincoln Center), David Nugent (Hamptons International Film Festival)

6:15pm Screening of The Reports on Sarah and Saleem @ L2 Auditorium

Day 2 – Wed, June 12

9am – Breakfast Shmooze @ L1 Older Adult Center/Classroom 1

Join us for some unstructured talk time over a light breakfast.


10am – Fundraising + Sponsorship @ L2 Auditorium

Creative approaches to funding films and support opportunities.

Speakers: Felicia Herman (Natan Foundation), Barbara Dobkin (The Dobkin Foundation), Jenny Raskin (Vice-President for Development of Filmmaker Relations, Impact Partners), Wendy Ettinger (Co-founder, Chicken and Egg Pictures)

11am – The State of the Jewish Community @ L2 Auditorium

The American Jewish community has been hitting some road bumps in its relationship with Israel. How does our current political climate influence our festivals?

Speakers: Rabbi Joy Levitt (Executive Director, JCC Manhattan), Hai Piasezky (UWS Shaliach), Jane Eisner,  writer-at-large.


12pm – JFilmBox Lunch @ L1 Older Adult Center/Classroom 1 was created as a tool for this network to share information. Interactive lunch with a fun and deeper look at this tool and it’s goals. Calendar, messaging, boards, functionality.

Speakers: Yaara Kedem (JFilmBox Coordinator), Morgan Magid (Program Associate, JCC Manhattan Film)


1:15pm – Distributors Presentation @ L2 Auditorium

Hear from some of our most active distributors.

Speakers: Dani Menkin (Filmmaker) & Oded Horowitz (Distributor/Outreach), Jessica Rosner (Booker), Estelle Grosso (Kino Lorber), Hedva Goldschmidt (Go2Films), Tamar Simon (Talent manager), Udi Epstein (7th Art), Neil Friedman (Distributor, Menemsha), Seymour Wishman First Run Features), Kurt Beadling (Passion River), David Fishelson (Golda’s Balcony), Hadara Ishak (Imagine Productions/Jerusalem U), Maxwell Wolkin (Film Movement)


2:30pm – Minimarket @ 7th floor Beit Midrash 

Get face-time with distributors and other vendors.

Speakers: Eran Polishuk (Israeli Consulate), Jeremy Wine (ELEVENT ticketing)

3:30pm – Production – Workshops @ L2 Auditorium

Committees, Security, Contracts, hospitality, Volunteers, Selection process, ticketing.


  • Hospitality and Volunteers – April Lo (Event producer)
  • Ticketing – Jeremy Wine (Elevent)
  • Film Selection Process – Helen Zuckerman (Toronto JFF)
  • Committees – Randy Lutterman (JCCA) and Morgan Magid (JCC Manhattan Program Associate)
  • Arts and Culture – Megan Whitman (Director of The Lambert Center for Arts + Ideas) 

4:30pm – Closing Session @ L2 Auditorium

Next steps and summation.


Israel Film Center Festival Closing Night Reception and Film:

6pm Reception @ Lobby

7pm Screening of Tel Aviv on Fire @ L2 Auditorium

9:30 pm After-party @ Miznon North (161 W 72nd St)