Directed By: Batya Wolff & Arnoud Holleman (First Feature Film) / 63 Minutes
Netherlands / 2021 / Dutch (English Subtitles)
Documentary / Other

Original Title: VASTGELEGD


In CAPTURED Batya Wolff (1962) shows how photography and film are intertwined with the after-effects of the Holocaust in her family. Her father Max Wolff (b. 1926) stored tens of thousands of captured ‘moments’ in an enormous visual archive, but his compulsive photography also put a brake on the life of his daughter Batya. Struggling with the images from the archive, Batya ends up with forgotten images of Elly, her father’s sister who was murdered in Auschwitz. With the pre-war family she finds the vitality that was lacking in the post-war family. CAPTURED is the highly visual answer to the question of whether you can mourn someone you have never known.