Seeing Daylight: The Photography of Dorothy Bohm

Directed By: Richard Shaw (First Feature Film) / 44 Minutes
UK (United Kingdom) / 2017 / Hebrew
Documentary / Biography
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: DCP, Prores/QT


A film portrait of Dorothy Bohm, one of Britain’s finest street photographers. With contributions from friends and family, and reflections from Dorothy as – still active at 92 – she looks back at her most important images and revisits the places where it all started.

Raised in Lithuania in 1924, Dorothy came of age in the shadow of Nazism. Climbing on board the last train escaping invading forces, Dorothy’s beloved father gave her the only thing he had with him – his Leica camera – with the parting words: ‘You might be able to use this’. Dorothy would not see her father again for another two decades. In that time, she would study photography in Manchester, England and go on to capture a world recovering from war in a series of astounding exhibitions and books. Influenced by close friend André Kertész, Dorothy began to experiment with Polaroids in the 1980s, as the world of colour photography opened up new possibilities.