Rescue Bus 300

Directed By: Rotem Shamir / 75 Minutes
Israel / 2018 / Hebrew, Arabic (English Subtitles)
Fiction / Other
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: DCP, Prores/QT

Option for Live Appearance: Q&A
Name of guest: Nati Dinnar
Role of guest: Creator & Producer

Original Title: חטיפה קו 300


The ride of terror – the gripping true story of bus 300.

Directed by Rotem Shamir (Fauda and Hostages), Rescue Bus 300 is an intense docu-drama based on the 1984 hijacking of bus line 300, while on its way from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon. When terrorists boarded this night-time bus, 41 innocent passengers and a bus driver were thrust into a nightmarish ride reminiscent of an action movie. Police, military and even civilians gave chase and shot out its tires as the bus continued its insane drive south towards the Israeli border with Egypt, crashing through makeshift barriers before grinding to a halt in the Gaza Strip. The terrorists barricaded themselves and the passengers inside as negotiations continued through the night – including the demand for 500 prisoners to be released – until events culminated in the Israeli commando unit’s daring pre-dawn rescue mission.

This action-packed, suspenseful thriller blends a real-time filming style and character-driven drama with authentic interviews to deliver a unique new perspective on this headline-grabbing story. Numerous real-life testimonies enable viewers to assemble the complex puzzle of what actually happened, as they accompany participants from the moment of abduction, through their prolonged time in a closed space and the tense negotiations, to the dangerous rescue operation.

Rescue Bus 300 brings the incident to life from multiple perspectives: the real people hurled into the midst of a terrifying ordeal, nervous armed terrorists, desperate families, young soldiers placing themselves in mortal danger, politicians faced with an impossible choice and the commanders making the call on life-or-death decisions.