Unstoppable Irving Fields

Directed By: Martin Feinberg (First Feature Film) / 78 Minutes
USA / / English (English Subtitles)
Documentary / Biography; Comedy
Territory Rights: USA
Exhibition Format: DCP


“Unstoppable Irving Fields” is the story of Irving Fields, one of the most influential American musicians of all time, and his daring attempt to resurge his career at age 99. When all his peers are retired or dead, Irving can’t wait to go to work every day, playing piano for New Yorkers. He’s the oldest living musician still working in America, and proud of it. He’s sold millions of records, co-wrote a hit with Louis Armstrong, and is a world-renowned pianist with an endless stream of great stories to tell. But now he’s facing his greatest challenge: he’s been laid off.
Instead of finally retiring, Irving sets his heart and mind to not only getting a new job, but resurging his career and to start playing concerts again. He and his young, 82-year-old wife, Ruth, embark on a mission to show the world that Irving and his unique blend of Jewish and Latin music is still as relevant as ever.
Containing original interviews with fans and friends of Irving, including Tony Bennet, Regis Philbin, Larry King and more, “Unstoppable Irving Fields” is an inspiring look at the journey of a man whose spirit for life is so infectious, he seems like he’ll live forever.