Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter

Directed By: Keren Perlmutter (First Feature Film) / 88 Minutes
USA, USA / 2020 / English, Dutch (English Subtitles)
Documentary / Biography
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: DCP, Prores/QT

Original Title: Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter


Avraham is just ten years old when his life changes forever. In 1938, the Nazis arrive in Avraham’s hometown of Vienna, Austria. Desperate to help their son survive, his parents send him to the Netherlands. But the invading German army soon follows.

After several years of living under the harsh conditions imposed by the Nazis in the Netherlands, Avraham is arrested by the Nazis and brought to the local deportation center in Amsterdam. Always a wild child, 15-year-old Avraham engineers his escape. For the subsequent two war-torn years, Avraham braves additional harrowing captures and daring escapes, many near-captures, torturous hiding, and heartbreaking losses. Yet he also experiences the goodness of humanity through the strangers who help him.

Surviving the Holocaust takes ingenuity, guts, and sheer determination—all of which he calls on again when he fights to establish the State of Israel during its War of Independence.

And when mere existence isn’t enough, Avraham moves to the United States to continue his education and pursue his dreams.

“Determined” takes the audience on a unique and unforgettable journey filled with suspenseful action, humor, tragedy, and heart. Avraham narrates his life story in a dynamic manner and also emphasizes the heroic actions of the many people who helped him to survive. A unique aspect of his story is that Avraham continued to stay in touch with the Beijers, the family who hid him for over a year in the Netherlands, and the two families still remain close today. The film highlights this relationship and includes interviews with the Beijers family and their perspective on saving Avraham and on those dangerous times. The film presents a plethora of visual materials to accompany the compelling narration and interviews, and original music composed for this film enhances the story and its emotional impact.