Bitter Paradise

Directed By: Valerie Habsburg, Anka Lesniak, Karl-Martin Pold, / 15 Minutes
Austria, Austria / 2022 / German (English Subtitles)
Short Film (up to 45 minutes) / Biography
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: Prores/QT

Option for Live Appearance: Q&A
Name of guest: Karl-Martin Pold, Valerie Habsburg
Role of guest: Presenting

Original Title: Un Paradiso Amaro


Jewish sculptor Teresa Feodorowna Ries was born in Budapest on January 30, 1866, and is considered one of Austria’s most influential and important artists. She was not only a celebrated and gifted sculptor, but also a pioneer for women’s rights and emancipation. She was considered a kind of pop star of the time, who cleverly knew how to market herself and was mentioned in the same breath as the great male artists of her time. The art world of the time was in and out of her. Dazzling names like: Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud ,Karl Popper, Egon Schiele, Adolf Loos or Stefan Zweig. Today … the name Teresa Feodorowna Ries is a forgotten name. She had to flee from Vienna by the Nazis while her work was expropriated and practically destroyed. She died lonely, alone and broken in exile in Switzerland.