Everything Was Left Behind

Directed By: Haya Newman / 110 Minutes
Canada, Israel / 2020 / English, Hebrew (English Subtitles)
Documentary / Other
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: Prores/QT


This film documents the personal experiences of ten Jews who were persecuted and then expelled from the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa from the postwar until the 1960’s. Particularly, they tell stories illustrating their quest for survival in increasingly oppressive regimes exercising brutal programs of overt prejudice, human rights encroachment, religious and cultural suppression and ultimately property appropriation, forced migration or outright deportation; bluntly , programs eradicating once-lively and formidable Jewish communities with deep roots in the broader civilizations going back to before the Common Era. They tell stories about their exodus, their refuge, their liberation by immigrating into the welcoming hands of countries such as Canada and Israel. They recount these experiences with those hints of trauma and nostalgia one would expect to be well-embedded into their consciousness even if renewed by the life-giving opportunities and security of their adopted countries.