Elish’s Notebooks

Directed By: Golan Rise / 74 Minutes
Israel / 2017 / Hebrew
Documentary / Other
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: DCP

Original Title: Hamachbarot Shel Elish


82-year-old Elisheva Rise passed away. After her death, her children clear out her home, and find some journals. She secretly wrote to each of her seven children journals documenting 57 years, from their birth to the day she died. It was her life’s work. Every evening she would sit in her home in Kibbutz Ein Tzurim and write to her children, whom she had never hugged nor kissed.
Now, they open the journals for the first time.
Following the treasure she left behind, they embark on an emotional and painful journey, learning about childhood, motherhood, and parenting.