Directed By: Arik Bernstein and Eliav Lilti / 87 Minutes
Israel / 2017 / Hebrew
Documentary / Biography; Drama

Original Title: קישון


“I was brought up and destroyed in a hell called Nazism.

I was educated and raised by the Holocaust.” (Ephraim Kishon)

Ephraim Kishon was one of the great writers who defined the Israeli essence through their work. The Hungarian immigrant eventually became the most accurate voice of the young Jewish country.
During 50 years of writing Kishon published dozens of satirical columns, books, plays and films. He sold tens of millions of books and was nominated twice for the Academy awards and won 2 Golden Globes. Yet he could never write his own biography. At the age of 70 he invited his college journalist Yaron London to assist him in unfolding his life story.
Kishon, the film, uses animation to ‘bring back to life’ Ephraim Kishon’s persona and reenact the rare dialog, alongside intimate interviews, rare footage and 8 mm’ home movies.