Deadly Deception at Sobibor

Directed By: Gary Hochman (First Feature Film) / 103 Minutes
USA, Poland, France, Israel, Germany / 2021 / English, Hebrew, Polish (English Subtitles)
Documentary / Other
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: Prores/QT

Option for Live Appearance: Q&A
Name of guest: Gary Hochman
Role of guest: Producer/Director/Writer

Original Title: English


What if the Nazis erased all trace of the Holocaust? That’s what they attempted at the Sobibor death camp in Poland.

To hide the murder of 250,000 Jews, the Nazis meticulous destroyed the camp, following a 1943 revolt and mass escape. Today, a forest conceals their crimes.

In a compelling tale of detection, an unprecedented 10-year investigation by archeologists unearths proof of the Nazi cover-up. They’ve found remains of barracks, mass graves, gas chambers and thousands of artifacts – bullets, teeth, keys, glasses, hair pins, wedding rings, Judaic stars, prayer pendants, and metal name tags of Sobibor victims… mostly children. Coded telegrams, hand-drawn maps, Luftwaffe aerial photos, and eyewitness testimony by Sobibor survivor Philip Bialowitz confirm the findings.

The story comes to a dramatic end after the discovery of a nameless birthdate pendant launches an international search for relatives. Yad Vashem Museum identifies its owner, 14-year-old Karolina Cohn of Frankfurt — and an amateur genealogist brings together 35 relatives to commemorate the cousin they never knew existed.

The film, narrated by acclaimed actress Tovah Feldshuh, is a stark reminder of the tragic outcome of violent bigotry.