The 90 Minute War

Directed By: Eyal Halfon / 87 Minutes
Israel / 2016 / Hebrew (English Subtitles)
Fiction / Comedy; Drama
Territory Rights: WORLD-WIDE
Exhibition Format: DCP

Original Title: מלחמת 90 הדקות


Friends, we’ve found a solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. The solution agreed by both sides, the solution that will bring to an end the dispute and bloodshed.
After a hundred years old conflict, just before the outbreak of a new wave of hostilities, the UN together with the two leaders- Israeli Prime Minister and head of the Palestinian Authority –decide that there is only one logical solution: a football match. The winner gets to stay. The loser leaves
the story captures the drama leading up to the outcome of the game. In a journalistic style, the story places the Middle East conflict in an entirely different context – a football game. Exaggerated, surreal, wild, ridiculous, hilarious and tragic, the context is not far removed from reality

The story follows several heroes:
The manager of the stadium where the game will take place; a CNN reporter, who is not really interested in football but realizes that in the Middle East anything could happen; the manager of the Palestinian football team; the chairman of the Israeli Football Association; an Israeli football player of Palestinian origin who is torn between his commitment to his country, and to his people; the German coach of the Israeli team; a top EUFA member who’s unable to find a neutral referee, a whole bunch of experts who always hold an opinion on football and politics, and one woman, a concerned mother of one of the football players..

After several weeks of preparations, crises, emotions, and agitated fans on both sides, comes the big moment: the teams are ready to go onto the field of the meticulous stadium. The world holds its breath, two nations know that within 90 minutes a new era will begin.