yair qedar

air Qedar (Hebrew: יאיר קדר‎‎, born June 13, 1969) is an Israeli filmmaker and a civil-rights activist. Recently he co directed and produced, with the actor Ilan Peled, the Mokumentary mini series \"Vanished\", about the dissapearence of women artists in Israeli culture. His academic training on 20th century Hebrew literature (Tel Aviv University), propelled him into to The Hebrews — a trans media project on the Hebrew literary canon, centered on filmic portraits of the Hebrew writers. His documentary films which he produced, wrote and directed — Bialik - King of the Jews, The 5 Houses of Lea Goldberg and The Seven Tapes of Yona Wallach, \'the Awakener - the story of Y.H Brener\' and \'Simple Woman -Zelda\' —and the three films which he produced in the project - ״Song of loves, Rabbi David Bouzaglo\", \"the Raven, Zeev Jabotinki\" and \"Mrs Rachel Bluestein\" - aired on Israeli TV, circulated far and wide in cinematheques, community and cultural centers, in Israel and around the world (USA & Canada, Europe, Australia and Russia) earning 10 prestigious awards (2016: first prize for filmmaking in the field of Jewish culture by the ministry of Education in Israel, 2015: the Hebrews films won the prize for best Television project in the Israeli Documentary competition). The project, both digital and print, offers altogether eight documentary films, a Video archive and several books. He is also the initiator of various media projects in Israel, in the fields of the conservation of culture, specifically Hebrew literature and language, and in the LGBT community such as the first LGBT newspaper Hazman HaVarod.

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