From Tel Aviv, Israel

Tal Goldberg

I am TAL GOLDBERG, a multi-disciplinary storyteller in a variety of media fields. A fast learner with an easy-going personality, with skills such as screenwriting, directing, game-design, video-editing, illustrating and music production. An early adaptor of any tech gadget with a deep understanding of different mediums such as virtual reality, 360 videos, interactive videos and more. In 2012, as a final project for my BA in Film studies, I co-directed and wrote OFFSCREEN, a 30 minutes pilot for television turn web-series, starring Michael Mushonov, Yuval Segev, and Sasi Keshet. Nominee for “best pilot” in the New York TV festival and broadcasted on HOT VOD and WALLA. In 2014, after working for two years as senior video director in the prestigious Israeli viral Youtube channel “Srutonim”, I left the company to co-direct and write my first feature film - a sci-fi comedy named “OMG, I’m a Robot” Released on the end of 2015. The film, starring Tzahi Grad and Dror Keren, was funded by the Israel Film Foundation and screened at major cinemas. The film was nominated for awards by the Israeli Academy, SITGES film festival in Spain and more. It opened the OTHER WORLDS festival in Texas. In 2016, I went on to study at Shenkar and received a diploma in Game Design and Production. In the same year, I created the casual video game YODEL CLIMBERS that was a nominee for Casual Connect Indie Prize 2016 and chosen as Google’s Editor’s Choice for 2016. I then went on to create a virtual reality 12 minutes short film, KAFKA 360. presented at festivals (Jerusalem, Haifa, DLD, MoscowVR, StockholmVR, PrintScreen). In 2017, I launched a successful Kickstarter for a graphic novel, “My Ghost Mom”. In 2018 I was hired by a major Israeli Channel, CHANNEL 10, to write a comedy based on this graphic novel

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