From Minnesota, USA

Rodney Martel

Rod Martel is the grandson of German born cinematographer/director Karl Freund (Metropolis, The Mummy). He came to filmmaking late, with his first film: Susette’s Story completed in 2013 at the age of 63. His second film, Lost in Berlin, is the result of 7 years work and a dedicated production team, many of whom volunteered their time or worked for a “stipend” to complete the project. Lost In Berlin has won 18 awards and 9 nominations in its first year of release. Rod is happily married to Colleen, together, having raised 7 children in a blended family. He continues his private practice as a Licensed Psychologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. `

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Film History

USA 2013, The Heart of a Mother: Susette's Story // Position: Director