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Nati Dinnar

Nati Dinnar was born 1968 while his father was a student at Harvard University in Boston Mass. Even though Playing basketball throughout his childhood, Nati decided at age 18 to take a break from playing ball and joined a special unit in the Israeli defense forces. Leaving the army as an officer after 4 years, Nati got back to his biggest love and played professional basketball for 3 years in Haifa and Tiberias. In 1993 Nati got his first job on Keshet broadcasting (Channel 2 in Israel) as an executive in the marketing and sales department. From there Nati continued to work for 20 years in the commercial television market in different companies and diverse rolls - Advertising, Marketing, Research, Media buying and more. In 2002, Nati came back to channel 2 to head the blocking operation of the new launched competition – Channel 10. While doing a good job as VP for 6 years, Nati didn\'t realize he would find himself moving to channel 10 (from channel 2) in 2008 to launch an aggressive schedule and compete head to head with channel 2. After 4 years Nati left channel 10 to start up his own business \"DNA Productions\", producing his first feature film \"Sabena Hijacking\" - the true story of the 1972 airline rescue operation in Lod airport near Tel Aviv. The film was nominated for the Israeli academy Awards for best documentary. Today, Nati\'s production company \"DNA Productions\" is in productions of 2 more films about hostage rescue operations by Israel special combat unit \"Sayeret Matkal\" - \"Rescue Bus 300\" to be released May 2018, and in pre-production of the third film in the series \"The Longest Night\". Today Nati is 49 years old, married to Sagit, and has 3 children – Amit, Roee and Asaf. Together they live in Tel-Aviv.

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Israel 2015, SABENA HIJACKING // Position: Producer