From Tel Aviv, Israel

Naor Meningher

Naor Meningher was born in 1989. He graduated the Tel Aviv University Film School in 2016. Up until now he\'s written, directed and produced 3 short films – \"The Rat\\s Dilemma\" (fiction, short, 2014), \"An Old Score\" (fiction, short,2016) and \"Our Hebrews\" (documentary, short, 2016) \'The Rat\'s Dilemma\' has been screened in more than 25 festivals all over the world, and won several awards, including the Silver Prize at the Robinson Film Competition in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Film History

Israel 2014, The Rat's Dilemma // Position: Director
Israel 2016, Our Hebrews // Position: Director
Israel 2016, An Old Score // Position: Director