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Michal Greenboim

Michal Greenboim is a fine art photographer whose work has been described as \"harmonious, poetic and lyrical...that use(s) color to seduce and haunt.” She has photographed her subjects \"so delicately that even something that could be gruesome, just looks fragile and mysterious.” Her work has been exhibited nationwide, including a solo exhibition of “Keeping the flame” at The FotoNostrum,BarcelonaSpain,and a solo exhibition of “Orchard Trail” at The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA. Her work has also been shown at the Art of Photography Show in San Diego and at the Los Angeles Center for Photography in California, Photo Place in Vermont, Tilt Gallery in Arizona , Dickerman Gallery in San Francisco, Orton Davis in New York and Fabrik Projects in Los Angeles. Her photograph, “Rear Blues,” won third place in the “World in Place” competition in the “Sense of Place” category, PDN Magazine, December 2016. In 2017, Greenboim was awarded an exhibition at the Griffin Museum from the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

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