From New York, USA

Lisa Ades

Lisa Ades is a documentary filmmaker who has produced and directed films for PBS and cable television for more than 25 years. Her acclaimed film MISS AMERICA premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before its broadcast on PBS in 2002. Previously, she produced award-winning films with Ric Burns, including NEW YORK, a ten-hour series, (PBS, 1999), THE WAY WEST (PBS, 1995), and THE DONNER PARTY (PBS, 1992). Other documentaries include BEAUTY IN A JAR (A&E, 2003), IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN (IFC, 2004), and FABULOUS! THE STORY OF QUEER CINEMA (IFC, 2005). Most recently, she directed a seven-part series on the history of the Jews of Syria, THE SYRIAN JEWISH COMMUNITY: OUR JOURNEY THROUGH HISTORY.

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