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Larry Price

Writer/producer/director Larry S. Price Larry S. Price, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, has been an accredited Journalist in Israel for over twenty years. He has worked as a director /Producer/reporter and anchorman for the IBA, Israeli broadcast authority, Larry Price has directed over 200 programs for film and video over the years. He has also worked as a radio reporter for the IBA and worked with Israel T.V. as a director, and was a news reporter on Israel T.V. He has also worked as a director and reporter for almost every local English language magazine broadcast made in Israel over the last 20 years. Like PBS, NBC and IBA. & as a producer for the Discovery/The Learning Channel program, The Gates of Time; Talking with David Frost, for the BBC; and The Secret Scrolls, for the Discovery Channel. Larry’s credits include short features like “The White Brigade,” about the UN forces in Southern Lebanon. He has directed films for organizations like Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Tourism, and Ministry of Education, as well as Hadassah, the UJA, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Keren Hayesod, etc. He has directed ‘corporate image’ films for Scitex, and Rad. Larry ‘s documentary “The Jews of Athens,” was produced in 1975 for Israel Television. . In 2006, Larry Price finished the documentary film called “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” that has been widely received, and broadcast in 13 countries. It was the highest rated documentary on Israel Television the year of initial broadcast. In 2007 Larry Price produced and directed the 8-minute short “Sammy’s Letter From Dachau”, eye-witness testimony by a Jewish American soldier who participated in the liberation of Dachau and wrote a letter home the following day. Had Mr. Price not applied for a grant to your foundation for Friends, Enemies & Spies, he would have asked for assistance in distributing “Sammy’s Letter From Dachau,” to schools and Holocaust museums and Jewish Studies programs around the world. Yad Vashem claims this is the only testimony they have from a Jewish American soldier at Dachau. This short can be seen temporarily at Type in “Sammy’s Letter from Dachau” at the search bar. In 2010 Larry’s film “The Rebbe And The German Officer” premiered on Israel Broadcasting Authority’s Channel 1. Since then the film has been sold to Italian, and Slovenia and screened in numerous film festivals. In 2011 Larry Price finished the film “Married to the Marimba: A Street Performer’s Life” with renowned filmmaker and author of documentary books Alan Rosenthal. That film opened the Düsseldorf’s Jewish Film Festival and was opened the Budapest and Munich Jewish Film Festivals, among others. In 2015 Larry researched, wrote and produced “Rescue train,” a 58-minute documentary dealing with how thousands of “Hidden Children” were brought out of post-war Poland to the west. Among them teenagers who found passage aboard the Exodus. This film aired on April 15, 2015, on Israel Television\\\'s Reshet Prime channel 2 with an extremely high rating and over one million viewers. All four Holocaust-related films were recently shown in Mexico City to the Mexican Jewish Community. Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers and Sammy’s Letter from Dachau were shown at N. Arizona U. in April and at the Sedona Jewish Community Center that same month. Larry has recently completed the documentary “Toman: Hero or Thief.\" To see any of the trailers or films go to Films are available in both English and Hebrew.

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Film History

Israel 2019, Toman: Hero or Thief // Position: Director
Israel 2017, Rescue Train // Position: Director
Israel 2015, The Rebbe & The Nazi Officer // Position: Director
Israel 2013, Married to the Marimba // Position: Director
Israel 2011, Hitler's Jewish Soldiers // Position: Director
Israel 1999, Terror on Bus 18 // Position: Producer
Israel 1975, Chief Rabbi of Athens // Position: Director