From Tel-Aviv, Israel

Hadar Yoselewitz

Hadar was born in Sydney, Australia on May 12, 1989 and grew up in the Galilee — a rural region in the north of Israel. During high school, Hadar majored in art and design. From 2008-2010 she served in the Israeli army as a photographer. When her military service ended, she lived in a kibbutz in the south of Israel and continued photography as a hobby while also working as an event photographer. At the age of 22, she traveled to South Africa and India to take a nature-photography course at a game reserve. In addition, she volunteered in a Parma culture farm and worked with children. In 2013 Hadar began her academic studies at Tel Aviv University in the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, where she focused on Cinematography and Directing several films during her B.A. These days she is finishing her degree and working as both a photographer and as an assistant director on several television shows.

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