From Tel Aviv, Israel

Barak Heymann

Barak Heymann was born in 1976 in Yedidia Village in the north of Israel. He has been directing and producing documentaries for TV and cinema for more than a decade. Barak’s, and his brother Tomer\'s, independent film company, Heymann Brothers Films, has produced over 20 documentaries, and some as international co-productions. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, such as Berlinale, IDFA and Hotdocs, where they have won prestigious awards. Barak teaches in several films schools in Israel and is currently engaged in a number of ongoing projects.

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Film History

Israel 2019, Comrade Dov // Position: Director
Israel 2018, In Your Eyes // Position: Director
Israel 2018, Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life // Position: Producer
Israel 2018, #Work_in_Progress // Position: Director
Israel 2016, Who's Gonna Love Me Now? // Position: Director
Israel 2015, Mr. Gaga // Position: Producer
Israel 2013, Before The Revolution // Position: Producer
Israel 2011, Life in Stills // Position: Producer
Israel 2011, The Queen Has No Crown // Position: Producer
Israel 2010, I Shot My Love // Position: Producer
Israel 2010, Lone Samaritan // Position: Director
Israel 2007, Dancing Alfonso // Position: Director
Israel 2007, Stalags- Holocaust and Pornography in Israel // Position: Producer
Israel 2006, Bridge Over The Wadi // Position: Director